Kid Friendly Learning Online


I always want to get my moneys worth when subscribing to a website for my children.  There are so many options and many more areas of learning to explore.

Now I know screen time is a big issue because everything is online these days.  Children of all ages are glued to devices sucking up as much electronic time as they can.

Some children become verbal learners due to their use of electronic devices for learning.  They know the information as long as they are able to answer orally.  If they are required to write it down or take a standardized test of some sort it is like the information is harder to remember and process to put on paper (if that makes sense).  I always think it is because much of our learning is auditory.

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Ball Tossing Game

Dose Wurf Blau

Activity 8 – Ball Tossing

Tossing balls at cans is a great way to build those number skills.  Have the kids count the number of cans to start and as they knock down the cans have them do some subtraction to determine how many cans are left to knock down.

Setting up the cans is also a fun way for your child to do some problem-solving.  Have them figure out how to build a pyramid with the cans that are given to them.  This game can also be played with bowling pins or water bottles.

I have learned that this old-time carnival game can also be played indoors on those rainy days.



Reading in the Park

Junge liest Buch im Park

Activity 7 – Reading in the Park

What a great way to enjoy being outside and reading.  Grab a small pile of books and head to the park or the backyard.

You can make this activity a full day by visiting the library first and then heading over to the park with all your great choices.

Grab a blanket and some snacks to enhance the experience.  Also to add to this outdoor time bring coloring tools and paper.  Have your child retell the story with their drawings.

Some great books to consider

Middle Child Luck books

Your child’s favorite author books

Picture books with no words, so your child can practice speech and language

Chapter books are also great choices because they encourage your child to listen and use their imagination.


Hopscotch Fun


Activity 6 – Hopscotch

The famous game of hopscotch continues to be a great go-to for outdoor fun and learning potential.

Using numbers, you can have your child write the numbers in the boxes and identify the numbers as you play.  Another great way to learn is to have your child add two of the numbers the rock lands on.

A variation of this game is to use letters that spell sight words, your child’s name, or letter blends. Take this opportunity to practice letter sounds.

How to play hopscotch

Instructions from kidspot


Fun with bubbles

Activity 5 – Bubble Making

Nothing marks the beginning of summer like bubbles.  There are so many great ways to enjoy bubbles and this activity allows your child to make their own.

Measuring and numbers will be the hidden learning factor of this fun activity. Below are the ingredients and measurements to make homemade bubble solution.  I have also included some great websites that show you how to create different sized bubbles.

Bubble Recipe

  • 6 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup of dish detergent ( I used Dawn, I read it works better)
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 1 tbsp of glycerine
  • 1 tbsp of baking powder

This recipe came from the Happy Hooligans

All of the ingredients need to be mixed in slowly with the water.  It is best to start with the corn starch, working to have it dissolve as much as possible.  The recipe stated that you should wait an hour before using the solution, so while we waited for this solution we made an easier and faster solution, which is listed below.

Easier quicker bubble recipe

Take this opportunity to show your child the difference between 1 cup and a 1/2 cup.  Show them a tablespoon and a teaspoon and ask which one do they think holds more.

This activity also teaches your child how to follow directions and patience. Snap some pictures of your bubble day, post to Instagram, and tag thebluedeskblog.

Water Play

Learning with water play

Activity 4 – Water Play

Water play is the best for having fun and cooling down.  This activity can take place in a pool, a water table, or a homemade water play station.  These activities are not intended for you to spend money or travel to far from home.  These are fun learning activities that can take place any time of the day, on any budget, and the time spent doing the activities is totally up to you and your child.

With water play, you want to add the learning by gathering some toys or safe objects out of the home.  Go through the items one by one and ask your child if he/she thinks the object will sink or float.  If your child does not know what sink or float means, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them and give a demonstration.

In the past, with my class, I would always prepare a science sheet for them to draw or write about their experiments.  Below I have provided the worksheet if you want to get in some extra writing practice with your child.

science worksheet

I have also provided some websites that show you how to make your own water table.  If this is not an option for you, the kitchen sink works great for this experiment.

My Life with Littles

Southern Bell DIY