Keeping Our Children Safe

We drill in our children’s heads the tools to be safe. We tell them to avoid strangers and report bad people on the internet and still, sometimes that is not enough. Criminals or those who prey on the innocence of little kids and some older kids are just that, criminals. They know how to manipulate and convince our children that they are friendly and non-threatening.  Sometimes I wonder if the constant lectures and news reports about your children being hurt is enough to convince my children that strangers and some that are not, are bad people.

5 New Year’s Eve Party Activities for Kids

If you are a parent of young children, you are already trying to decide if you are going to party with or without your children, when bringing in the New Year. Now, if you are anything like me, you already feel the guilt of leaving your children with someone else at this momentous time. I mean, welcoming in a New Year without the joys of seeing your children destroying your home, acting delirious because they are sleepy but need to stay awake, or the best one yet bouncing off the walls because they have had too much sugar so late…

5 ways to put an end to tantrums in public

  The dreaded tantrum. In the store, on the plane, at a restaurant, at drop off, at a friends house, or the best one yet, at the movies. You would like to think that our children love us enough to have tantrums at home or in the car on the way to the public area, but no, that does not give them the attention they so desperately need. Is it unfair to think that our children have us wrapped around their little fingers at least 80% of the time? I mean there are some parents who would say 99% of…

Kindergarten Readiness, 5 ways to prepare your child for Kindergarten

Most times when Christmas break approaches parents of preschoolers and Pre-k children began to wonder if their child will be ready for Kindergarten, in the fall. It is not premature to think about the readiness of your child, and how much more time is needed to prepare them for SCHOOL. It is a nightmare that every parent faces, unless you are that parent that has a child who adapts in any and every situation. Kudos to you and your nice life. To everyone else I know that anxiety. I have a large family so I did not think about how…

Questions you should ask your child’s teacher.

It is that time of year again and parent teacher conferences are here or around the corner.  Are you prepared? This article is written more from a parent of a child with special needs, but the information can be helpful for all families with children in school. Being on both sides of the table as a parent and a teacher I have learned to prepare myself when attending conferences for my children.