Valentine Sensory Play

We enjoyed a leisure day of sensory play.  I wanted to change out my 2 year olds sensory bucket so she could play with some different textures and scented objects. This is our valentine sensory bin for valentine’s day week. pink rose petals red rose petals glitter poster board hearts hard plastic hearts foam conversation hearts scented potpourri decorated sand paper hearts Another fun activity we did was pretending to mail little foam hearts. I am learning how to sew, so I made these pink and red envelopes out of felt and a mailbox.  I apologize for the dark picture….

Fun with Snow

This weather is driving me crazy, but making the kids extremely happy.  Although the snow will not stop falling the temperatures are to cold to let the kids go out and play.  Well, instead of waiting until the temperature change I brought the snow indoors.  I wanted to share my little ones hour of play time in the snow.  I had no idea she would fall in love with this idea.  She enjoyed it so much she would not let anyone play with her. The beginning of our snow adventure.  Look how white and clean the snow looks, but not…