Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Activity 3: Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

I love to take walks through the neighborhood, especially on cool mornings.  If you don’t have the luxury of taking morning walks, afternoon and evening walks are great too.

When the kids are in the mood to tag along for the exercise, they are usually playing and running around not noticing the beautiful things in our neighborhood.  With my younger ones I like to challenge them to show me things in the neighborhood, there could be hidden gems in front yards and in trees.

For activity three I thought a neighborhood scavenger hunt would be fun during your daily walk. I have my children point out letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and pairs.

I know that every neighborhood is different, but I’m sure your child could find everything on this scavenger hunt list and more.  Please feel free to add to the list or create your own.

   neighborhood scavenger hunt list

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Outdoor Chalk Writing

Learning with outdoor chalk

Outdoor chalk fun

Day One: Chalk Writing

Outdoor chalk is one of the greatest tools invented (in my opinion).  The thick chalk is great for beginner writers, it helps build fine motor skills.

Now with outdoor chalk, you can encourage your child to write their name and any sight words they may know.

The greatest gift to a  Kindergarten teacher is for your child to write, identify, and spell their first and last name.

I don’t expect for your child to write out their full name outside on the sidewalk, for all the people we may not trust to see, but writing their first name in fun ways is a great way to have fun while learning.

Check out some of the fun things we did with chalk on my Instagram page.