This is how we show Thanksgiving.

It is frustrating sometimes how Thanksgiving gets no love.  Everyone goes straight from Halloween to Christmas, two holidays that asking for something, instead of being thankful for what you have is the trend. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not to mention Autumn being my favorite season. The two just go hand in hand. I decorate my door and my table for the Thanksgiving season with pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves, acorns, and gourds.  There are so many wonderful activities to do with your children using these items, and they double as table settings.

7 Ways your children can learn the meaning of giving

My husband and I are always looking for ways to get our children into the giving spirit without forcing them. We want this to come natural to them, so they can grow up to be caring, compassionate, giving individuals. Every year we challenge them to come up with ways they can make a difference in someones life. This person can be anyone, including other members of the household. One thing I’ve learned having a big family, is teaching your children to respect themselves and their family makes it a lot easier for them to respect others in the world. Another…