Early Intervention EI,why it’s important.

If you are a parent with a child birth through three it is important to know about the benefits of Early Intervention EI.  This is a federally and state funded program for families who have children born with delays in areas of their development. In some cases children are born with disabilities or some delays in their development which would qualify the family to receive Early Intervention services. These delays may be seen by a doctor, caregiver, or the parents.  When you are aware of your child’s delay there is help. The EI program is available in all 50 states. Your…

Questions you should ask your child’s teacher.

It is that time of year again and parent teacher conferences are here or around the corner.  Are you prepared? This article is written more from a parent of a child with special needs, but the information can be helpful for all families with children in school. Being on both sides of the table as a parent and a teacher I have learned to prepare myself when attending conferences for my children.

This is how we show Thanksgiving.

It is frustrating sometimes how Thanksgiving gets no love.  Everyone goes straight from Halloween to Christmas, two holidays that asking for something, instead of being thankful for what you have is the trend. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, not to mention Autumn being my favorite season. The two just go hand in hand. I decorate my door and my table for the Thanksgiving season with pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves, acorns, and gourds.  There are so many wonderful activities to do with your children using these items, and they double as table settings.

Slacker! Who me?

Okay so I have to admit I have not been blogging in 5 weeks. I have been in training and it has finally ended. I am a better educator because of this experience, but I’ve lost touch with blogging. I am attempting to jump back on the wagon and post about all the wonderful things I’ve learned. My toddler is going to have the time of her life, or will I have the time of my life trying all these new things with her. Either way everyone benefits.  Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. Lots to be thankful for. I’ve been slacking…