Free Pumpkin Flash Cards

What a great way to get in the spirit of Fall and Halloween. I have a printable I would love to share with all who have children birth to 3, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and 1st graders. A set of Fun Pumpkin Flash Cards 1 -20 that you can laminate and use over and over again. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Thank You

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Well it’s our last day, before our big day ~ A day at the pumpkin patch. We made foam pumpkins and we decorated them with foam face pieces and letters. We gave the pumpkin different emotions, but she chose the happy smile for her pumpkin. We also went to a farm (no pictures of the farm 😦 But we bought corn and the kids had a good time removing the husk from the corn and even better time eating some of the corn with lunch. We did an orange scavenger hunt, which surprised me how many orange things I had…

Pumpkins Take 3

Today was pretty fun. We decorated our pumpkins with Halloween stickers, silly eyes, letters, flowers, a little sparkle, and numbers. We also made circles out of tissue rolls and used our pumpkin magnets so we could talk about the different sizes of pumpkins. Tomorrow will end our pumpkin week and we will be all set for our outing to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. Here I come apple cider donuts.

Pumpkins Everywhere day 2

Today was a great day playing with pumpkins and all. I would like to apologize for the pictures in advance. My camera lens needs to be replaced and the lighting was not working for me today. We invited a friend on our morning walk to collect items for our sensory bucket.                         We found some colorful leaves (yellow, red, orange, and brown), pine cones, sticks, pine needles, and I added small pumpkins and gourds.                       We played with the…

Leaf Collage

Today on our morning walk I noticed our tree (the one we showed in an earlier post) had lost a majority of its leaves. My toddler had been showing lots of interest in the leaves on the ground so we decided to pick some for a morning activity. In case you forgot what our tree looked like last week, below is a before and after photo. So I let my toddler pick out some leaves of her liking and we took them home. I let her choose some scrapbook paper to give our project a different look and we proceeded….