Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Activity 3: Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

I love to take walks through the neighborhood, especially on cool mornings.  If you don’t have the luxury of taking morning walks, afternoon and evening walks are great too.

When the kids are in the mood to tag along for the exercise, they are usually playing and running around not noticing the beautiful things in our neighborhood.  With my younger ones I like to challenge them to show me things in the neighborhood, there could be hidden gems in front yards and in trees.

For activity three I thought a neighborhood scavenger hunt would be fun during your daily walk. I have my children point out letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and pairs.

I know that every neighborhood is different, but I’m sure your child could find everything on this scavenger hunt list and more.  Please feel free to add to the list or create your own.

   neighborhood scavenger hunt list

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Weekend with the family

The Weekend is a precious time.

It is the time for family and making moments.

Weekends are sacred, so I was hoping you would share some of your family moments with me on the weekend.  I am always looking for great day trips or weekend fun for the family. I will leave the fun learning activities to the week and save the weekends for adventure.Weekend Family Time 

From time to time I may share some of the fun places or things we do as a family this summer, but I am not making any promises.  It is easier for me to snap a photo and add it to Instagram.

For weekend enjoyment follow me on Instagram.

Here are 10 things to do, that your family may enjoy, this weekend.

  1. The beach
  2. Day trip
  3. Bike Riding on the lake or a famous bike path
  4. Picnic or movie at the park. (My subdivision does this twice a month, bonus)
  5. Flea Market shopping
  6. Weekend getaway to a family friendly spot
  7. The Zoo
  8. Zip lining
  9. Drive in movie theater (yes, they still exist)
  10. Amusement or Water Park

Sand Play

Sand Box Play

Activity 2: Sand Play

Everyone loves sand play, the young and the old.  Well, the young may like it a bit more than the older, because the older has to clean it up and out of everything once play time is over.

Besides all of that, sand play can be as big or as small as your child or the person who has to clean it, desires. This can be a part of a beach day or some afternoon fun in the backyard.

Group of colorful letters on purple tableThe activity I have for today is hiding magnet letters and numbers in the sand and having the child search for the letters and numbers and then put them in order.  This an easy game and if you don’t have a sandbox don’t fret you can make a sandbox out of a plastic container.  When teaching I would provide the plastic shoe boxes. I would fill the boxes with sand and allow individual play.  I would hide little treasures and provide a list of things they needed to find in the sand.

If you don’t have the magnet letters and numbers you can use anything that is sturdy enough to hold up to sand play with single letters and numbers.

I have a template you can download for free and all you need to do is laminate and cut.  I put them in circles so it is easier to cut. You can also color them if you desire, or make it a learning activity by having your child do the coloring and asking them to identify each letter or number.

Teachers Pay Teachers Link –   Template

 PDF file –  alpha and num

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Outdoor Chalk Writing

Learning with outdoor chalk
Outdoor chalk fun

Day One: Chalk Writing

Outdoor chalk is one of the greatest tools invented (in my opinion).  The thick chalk is great for beginner writers, it helps build fine motor skills.

Now with outdoor chalk, you can encourage your child to write their name and any sight words they may know.

The greatest gift to a  Kindergarten teacher is for your child to write, identify, and spell their first and last name.

I don’t expect for your child to write out their full name outside on the sidewalk, for all the people we may not trust to see, but writing their first name in fun ways is a great way to have fun while learning.

Check out some of the fun things we did with chalk on my Instagram page.

From Preschool to Kindergarten

Summertime Learning Fun
Summertime Learning Fun

It is time for SUMMER BREAK and I know parents, as much as children are ready for SUMMER FUN.

Well, although summer means taking a break from the daily routine of school work and school related things, I am a true believer in mixing learning with fun.

Yes, you can have fun and learn at the same time, and it is my goal to make transitioning your child from Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten into Kindergarten painless.  This is an exciting time.  Your child entering Kindergarten and gaining independence along the way is a great reward.

I have some tips and activities that will help you achieve this milestone with fun.

Tori Books by Tawania and Tyra Murdock
Sight Word Reading Series

To not overwhelm I will post an activity a day starting from June 1st until July 31st.  You can pick and choose which activity to do with your child or you may want to be a rock star and complete all of the activities.  As an incentive, I will be giving away “Tori Books, a Sight Word Learning Book” print addition. All you would need to do is Like the Blue Desk on Facebook and let me know how the activity worked out for you and your child.

Liking or subscribing to the Facebook page automatically enters you for a chance to win a sight word book, but adding your comments doubles your chances.

Some days I may feel overconfident and post more than one activity.  These activities will help strengthen writing skills, letter recognition, letter sounds, number recognition, and sight word learning. Bonuses will include science projects and STEM activities.  I will share websites, software, Pinterest activities, and books to integrate into your learning and fun time. The goal is to create a fun learning experience that will help your child prepare for kindergarten.

I will post activities to Twitter, Pinterest, and to Instagram, but Facebook and The Blue Desk blog will have details and other information.



Keeping Our Children Safe

Dangerous online friendship concept
Keeping Our Children Safe

We drill in our children heads the tools to being safe. We tell them to avoid strangers and report bad people on the internet and still sometimes that is not enough.

Criminals or those who prey on the innocence  of little kids and some older kids are just that, criminals. They know how to manipulate and convince our children that they are friendly and non threatening.  Sometimes I wonder if the constant lectures and news reports about your children being hurt is enough to convince my children that strangers and some that are not, are bad people. Continue reading “Keeping Our Children Safe”