Fun with Numbers

5 Fun activities to do with your toddler using numbers.

My toddler loves to count. Daniel Tiger is her favorite person to count with. In an effort to limit TV time I decided to trace and cut these numbers to help with counting games.

5 fun counting games

I lay the numbers down on the floor and then we the number of items to match the number on the floor. Today we used her pretend food to complete the task.

5 fun counting games

Another fun counting game is numbering the cups in a muffin pan and using pom poms, beans, marbles, or whatever you have around the house to fill the cups.

5 fun counting games

5 fun counting games

We made a fun number chart and once a week I change the chart so my little toddler can use stickers, macaroni, stamps, or those sticky foam pieces to complete the chart.

5 fun counting games

We bought a bowling set from a garage sell and we practice  counting using only six pins. I let her roll the ball and we count how many pins are left standing.

5 fun counting games

Lastly is our game rolling the die. I made a big die so we can play many different games.

Three of our favorite

1. Roll the die and go and find that many items in the house to talk about.

2. Roll the die and lets count the number of dots on the die.

3. Roll the die and fill a bucket with her toys (blocks) and play with those items.

5 fun counting games


Books we used


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  1. I am loving the various counting games! I love that you use different materials which stimulates the senses. Thank you so much for linking up this awesome post to the #homeschoollinkup! I will pin to the Homeschool link up pinterest board.

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