Creative Writing Starter Pages

You can start encouraging writing now with your child at any age. Start with building a love for books and images. Talk about the books with exaggeration. Increase your child’s vocabulary by describing everything with the most vivid adjectives.

From birth your baby is learning language and how it is used. Feed that need to build their vocabulary so they can express how they feel verbally and nonverbally.

Some fun ways to welcome language and literacy into your child’s life is by reading everything, describing your child’s emotions, describing what your child is wearing or doing, introducing books from letting them explore the book on their own to sitting with them and reading the words or talking about the pictures and introducing different forms of print (magazines, food boxes and containers, mail, etc…).

Creative Writing has always been a great way to encourage children to express themselves nonverbally. I am a bit of an introvert but when it comes to writing, you cannot shut me up.

I want children to learn how to express themselves from early on. The moment they are able to hold a writing tool I encourage expression through writing.

I have some creative writing starter pages that focus around emotions these pages can be used for writing or drawing as a form of expression.

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