6 Puzzles to Make Using Household Items

Puzzles are a great way to help your early learner with problem-solving and thinking skills.  Cognitive Development gives your child the tools they need to explore their environment and to problem solve.

Puzzles also help with other areas of development; fine motor, language development, and math.

Early Learners can get bored with traditional puzzles, so to keep things fun I have provided 6 puzzles to make using items found in your home. The bonus is, it cost nothing to help your child develop in this area of learning.

Cereal Box Puzzle

When you are all done with your cereal, take the box and cut out the front part of the box. Once cut, randomly cut out pieces and then challenge your learner to put the pieces back together.

Strainer Puzzle

Using any size strainer take some pipe cleaners and let your early learner practice putting the pipe cleaners in the holes. They can loop them or keep them standing. Encourage them to fill all the holes. If you don’t have pipe cleaners, dry spaghetti works.

Muffin Pan Puzzle

Using your muffin pan challenge your early learner to find objects around the house that can fit in the holes of the muffin pan. This can get interesting. You will be surprised at the objects they think can fit. Have them explore different objects and even food items.

Shoe Box Puzzle

Grab a shoe box and make some holes of different sizes. Challenge your early learner to find objects around the house that can fit in the holes. No need to make perfect holes and no need to make circles. Have fun with this and challenge your learner with other shapes and sizes.

Illustrated Puzzle

Have your child draw or color a picture. I used the color your own felt picture found at the dollar store. Before cutting their picture discuss with them that you will be cutting their picture to create a puzzle. Challenge them to put the pieces back together.

Picture Puzzle

Take a picture of your early learner or upload a picture you already have. Print out the picture and then randomly cut out shapes. Challenge your child to put the pieces back together. This picture is not laminated, but if you have a laminator or contact paper use that for continued use.

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