Kid Friendly Learning Online

I always want to get my money worth when subscribing to a website for my children.  There are so many options and many more areas of learning to explore.

Now I know screen time is a big issue because everything is online these days.  Children of all ages are glued to devices sucking up as much electronic time as they can.

Some children become verbal learners due to their use of electronic devices for learning.  They know the information as long as they are able to answer orally.  If they are required to write it down or take a standardized test of some sort it is like the information is harder to remember and process to put on paper (if that makes sense).  I always think it is because much of our learning is auditory.

When I homeschooled everything was hands-on.  Many early learning centers have a learn through play curriculum.  This creates hands-on learning.  In full-time traditional schooling, it is required for children to write more than anything else so the transition can sometimes be challenging.

In our quest for online learning, I have found a few websites to be quite beneficial in our learning together.  These are learning websites that require some form of payment.  There are many free learning websites that are great as well but there is no risk feeling like you wasted money on a website that has not benefited your child in any way.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.02.55 AM

ABCMouse – Some years ago I tried ABCMouse and I did not like it. I canceled my membership immediately (before my trial ended).  About a year ago I went back to ABCMouse because they had added some new features.  The improvements were great! The subjects they teach are relatable to what my child was learning in school. The videos and teaching techniques held the interest of my child and allowed me to learn different approaches to teach the information later.  The best feature is how it requires the child to think like with common core. They teach the process so they understand their answers. Just when I thought we had outgrown ABCMouse they added another grade level which I thought was perfect. Another added bonus to this website is they have printable worksheets for added learning and a technique that transitions well into traditional schooling.  They also have the end of the unit quizzes and tests.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.04.37 AM

StarFall – This website has been around for years and it only gets better with time. StarFall has a free website, but their subscription area has more learning tools and learning aids.  The free portion only focuses on phonics and reading the paid portion has math, music, sight words, and more.  They also have an app for the tablet that allows your child to continue their learning in the car, during errands, or on the go.  I have used StarFall at home and in my classroom and I have seen great progress among the children within a month’s time.  It pays to get a lot more with StarFall, but the free portion is great also.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.04.55 AM – Is another favorite of mine.  The games are so much fun for the young ones and they are all about learning. They have games that are challenging and games that ease your young learner into learning.  The other great thing about this website is if you want to prepare your child for grade school this website offers worksheets to download and print, which I thought was great.  You can use the computer games as a supplement to learning after using the worksheets to introduce the lesson.  Great educational fun on this website.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.05.08 AM

Time4Learning – This website has also been around for years. I really liked using this website for learning when my children were being homeschooled. It followed along with the same guidelines as the school district and the learning goes beyond early learning.  The only issue I had with this website was the monthly price.  A lot of learning tools and visual aids, but the price was just too high when compared to other learning sites.  At the time I was only using these sites for early learning, so if you are teaching your children at home beyond the early years like middle school or high school this would be the website for you.  They provide lesson plans and a border view of what your child will be learning by also giving a scope & Sequence.

There are many more learning apps than websites to explore, but that would have to be another blog post.  There are so many ways to teach your child and even more opportunities for childhood learning to explore.  These are only a list of the websites I have actually had a subscription with and loved for different reasons.

Please share websites you have found to be beneficial to your child’s learning.


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