Sand Play

Activity 2: Sand Play

Everyone loves sand play, the young and the old.  Well, the young may like it a bit more than the older, because the older has to clean it up and out of everything once playtime is over.

Besides all of that sand play can be as big or as small as your child or the person who has to clean it, desires. This can be a part of a beach day or some afternoon fun in the backyard.

Group of colorful letters on purple tableThe activity I have for today is hiding magnet letters and numbers in the sand and having the child search for the letters and numbers and then put them in order.  This an easy game and if you don’t have a sandbox don’t fret you can make a sandbox out of a plastic container.  When teaching I would provide the plastic shoe boxes. I would fill the boxes with sand and allow individual play.  I would hide little treasures and provide a list of things they needed to find in the sand.

If you don’t have the magnet letters and numbers you can use anything that is sturdy enough to hold up to sand play with single letters and numbers.

I have a template you can download for free and all you need to do is laminate and cut.  I put them in circles so it is easier to cut. You can also color them if you desire, or make it a learning activity by having your child do the coloring and asking them to identify each letter or number.

Teachers Pay Teachers Link –   Template

 PDF file –  alpha and num

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