5 New Year’s Eve Party Activities for Kids

Lustige Party-Krapfen

If you are a parent of young children, you are already trying to decide if you are going to party with or without your children, when bringing in the New Year.

Now, if you are anything like me, you already feel the guilt of leaving your children with someone else at this momentous time. I mean, welcoming in a New Year without the joys of seeing your children destroying your home, acting delirious because they are sleepy but need to stay awake, or the best one yet bouncing off the walls because they have had too much sugar so late in the evening.

Okay, decision made, I’m staying home to bring in the New Year with the kiddies. I mean they are the first faces I want to see when 2017 comes ringing in.

I have 5 party activities that are sure to keep the children happy and entertained before midnight strikes.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt – Children of all ages love taking pictures in these times. I mean you walk into a room of teens and at least 90% of them are posing with their cameras held arms length away.  Well, even the younger ones can get in on this fun activity. Make sure every child (of age) has a phone to walk around the house with, instructing them that this is only to be used to take pictures.  Give them the scavenger hunt list, which lists ten people and objects to take a picture with.  All pictures must be taken like a selfie. At the end of the night have everyone look at the pictures and see the smiles it brings to the faces of all. Not to mention, now you have memories of the night.

The Balloon Clock – Blow up balloons and place them around the house with times on them.  When the clock strikes that particular time, whoever finds the balloon, gets to pop it. It creates excitement that the New Year is getting closer and closer. There are other variations of this game but I really like the idea of children running around looking for the correct balloon.  Caution: This game should be supervised, because balloons are choking hazards. Make sure all pieces of the balloon are picked up and disposed after being popped.

Create Your New Year’s Eve Party Accessories – Instead of buying hats, glasses, and noise makers have the kids make them on their own.  I hit up the Dollar Store and found great ideas for making hats and noise makers. I used the cups to make party hats and maracas, I used plates to make maracas, I had the kids decorate the iridescent party hats with curly ribbon and Christmas garland, and we added glamour to our party noise makers.  I bought two bags of balloons for the balloon drop and made a backdrop out of butcher paper for the 2017 photo. The kids decorated the butcher paper and I added silver glitter to give it some glam. Pictures of activity on my Instagram – @thebluedeskblog.

Dancing Games – The games that I tend to choose for the night are dancing games, so the party really feels like a party. I use the different game consoles to help me with this. I make it into a contest, where they can win prizes and work as teams if they choose to. This helps to include children of all ages, because once a baby can lift their head they are already bopping to the music. Also a great opportunity to do the mannequin challenge, when playing freeze dance.

Cook Off – Ok, not all parents will agree with me on this activity, but it was a success last year.  I challenged the kids to make appetizers using just the ingredients that were already in the house.  Let me just say the younger the children are the more creative they are. The older the more yummy the appetizer.  The adults are the taste testers, so if you have done your child wrong in any way, within the last 24 hours prepare to taste some dreadful food.  This activity is monitored by an adult and timed  so it does not occupy all of the time.

These activities have worked for me in the past and the kids have already asked if we could repeat those activities again this year.

Share some of your New Year’s Eve Holiday Activities.


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