Paper Books vs Digital Books

As father as son.

Ok, so this has been a topic of discussion among myself and other moms and teachers, what is better paper or digital books?

About two months ago I started a six month subscription to the new Netflix of books, Epic. Now when I first read about the program, I was completely and utterly super excited to have all these books right at the touch of a computer or tablet button.  Reading has never been something that I have had to beg my kids to do, but making time for the library and bookstore has in the past been a problem.  I shared with my kids how great it was going to be and how they did not have to nag me about getting them to the library or bookstore and that library fees would be a thing of the past.  Well they pointed three things out to me when I shared this news.

  1. We tried this before with the Amazon Fire, and after about two weeks they were bored with the device and they never had the books that they wanted as part of the free lending library.
  2. They always have to wait until someone else was finished with the tablet before they could use it and by then they are already engaged in something else.
  3. They need to have books that they can physically carry around because in school they allow them time to read during the school day and books come in handy on bad weather days when recess is indoors.

So they had completely killed my happiness, and I begged them to find the enjoyment in this and share in my excitement for books on hand.

Well fast forward to current day and they have maybe used the digital library at their fingertips ten times.

As a prek teacher I thought this would solve my problems as well, but trying to read from a digital device to a class of 16 kids who complain about not being able to see or wanting to touch or hold the device was not the happiness I was looking for.

Now when it is time to read a story to my littlest one I enjoy using the tablet because I can find stories that can be read to you and those that are interactive. Those moments are like having a book come to life, which is why all the books I have written have been digital. I love the idea of watching a book come to life.

Now I will admit that paper books are still my first love.  My husband built me this massive bookshelf and all of my books still do not fit.  I love the covers of books, feeling the pages of old books, the smell of new books, and being able to highlight special parts or quotes in books.

Long story short, I love them both, and I think that they are both great depending on how you use them and their purpose.  For adults pictures and animation may not be as important and convenience may be the deciding factor, but for kids a variety of both, I feel works.

I find my kids sometimes reading blogs that are stories that continue daily or weekly and they are satisfied with that.  When they have the need to hold a book and read at school or elsewhere they have their paper book.

There is room for both in my home, what about yours?

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