15 Ways to put the fun back into painting

Mother Painting Picture With Daughter At Home

In my household we love to paint.  During the winter and spring months we do most of our painting projects, because these are the times when the weather does not allow for outdoor fun.  After so many months of painting, we had to think of different tools around the house to use to put the excitement back into painting.

  1. Painting with brushes of course – small brushes, big brushes, paint rollers, and brushes with different textures.

  2. Painting with kitchen utensils – Grab some spoons, forks, sporks, and serving utensils. Spatulas, whisk, and mashers are also fun kitchen utensils to paint with.

  3. Painting with toys – Grab toy cars, game pieces, dolls, and blocks. The make the coolest designs.

  4. Painting with nuts and bolts – Step into the garage and help your little one safely find nuts and bolts to paint with. They make the best designs.

  5. Painting with blocks – If you have the small alphabet wooden blocks you will love how they turn painting into a learning moment. Large wooden blocks also work with the project and blocks that come in different shapes.

  6. Painting with nature – Outside houses many different types of leaves and flowers that offer depth when painting, smearing, or stamping with them.  Sticks and pinecones are also great painting tools.

  7. Painting with play jewelry – The dollar store sells those cool colorful necklaces and rings that have your child thinking outside the box when using them as painting tools. They create patterns of different sorts and many creative opportunities.

  8.  Painting with food – How fun to grab different vegetables and fruits to use as painting tools.  Celery makes beautiful flowers and apples create beautiful designs.

  9. Painting with yarn – This can be a challenging painting tool but it helps build strength in fingers for writing.

  10. Painting with feathers – Feathers are soft and have a stiff stem down the middle, they create soft lines when using them as painting tools.

  11. Painting with party supplies – It’s a party. Try using horns, party blowers, and party hats as painting tools.  Make it more exciting by blowing the horn through the paint and onto the paper.

  12. Painting with pipe cleaners – Pipe cleaners have so many craft uses. You can bend and twist pipe cleaners to create eclectic paintings.

  13. Painting with marbles – This should be a supervised painting activity, because marbles are choke hazards. If you put a piece of paper in a shoe box and place marbles dipped in paint in the shoe box, you can close the shoebox up and let them shake shake shake.

  14. Painting with ice – Tricky but doable. Freeze colored water and when nice and solid let your child go crazy with rubbing that colored ice around the paper.

  15. Painting with body parts – I love watching the kiddos paint with their fingers, hands, feet, toes, and even their noses. It creates the most unique paintings.


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