The art of taking 5

I will be the first to tell anyone that I did not know how to take time for myself.  I had for so long believed that if you are a SAHM your job is to do everything and please everyone in the household.

A wise lady told me how wrong I was, and if I don’t take care of myself than there is no way I can efficiently take care of others.

So what did I do with that new-found knowledge, I learned the art of taking 5.

I have a busy household and taking on writing children’s books and blogging has made my life a little more “interesting”. Here are the top 5 ways I sneak in me time.

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I wake up 30 minutes earlier than anyone else.  On school days no one wants to wake up, so I set my alarm clock for thirty minutes before it is time to wake up the crew.  I make me a cup of coffee and have me some uninterrupted internet time.  I am able to respond to emails, search products, watch how to videos, and research ways to grow my audience and books.  I love this time, because I can really focus on one subject, one topic, one thing at a time.


The art of taking 5


I take an after dinner walk or bike ride around the block.  After dinner the house can become a little chaotic. I finish my meal before everyone else and take a quick 10 minute stroll around the block.  This allows me to get some air, clear my mind, and if nothing more than to breathe.  I don’t get to do this as often as I like, but when I do I cherish that alone time in rain, sleet, or snow.



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I sometimes have an after dinner treat.  While washing dishes after dinner I try to have a little treat that I can savor while cleaning.  A piece of chocolate, a yummy cafe drink, or my favorite





The art of taking 5

Music is my vacation.  Sometimes when the kids are doing homework and the toddler is engaged in an activity I will put on my headphones and listen to three or four of my favorite songs.  I call it my mini vaca.






The art of taking 5Schedule mandatory me time once a week.  I know that some moms have mandatory me time daily, but it is unrealistic in my household.  Once a week has me singing the “Happy” song.  I usually have the whole day to leave the house and do whatever I want, but I never take the whole day, and most times I just want to be lazy and lay around the house.  Most times I will sleep late, curl up in bed with a good drama or romance movie, read the newspaper, or chit-chat on the phone with my family or friends.

I love me time because it gives me the opportunity to be totally unproductive.  Yes I meant to say unproductive!

Other ways that are not always successful, but when they are it is so worth it

Working out

Bath time for myself (candles, music, low lighting, and no interruptions)

meet up with my book club (once a month)

Church events that are for women only (scrapbook parties, brunch, clothes swap, etc.)

Staying up after all have went to sleep (This is not always successful because I am exhausted by the end of the day and all I want to do is sleep)

Share some of your mommy me time activities.  I would love to learn how you take 5.

Also check out for more advice on learning how to take time for yourself.


  1. It’s hard. I was a sahm lite when I was off on mat leave (where I live we get a year) and the hardest part was making time for myself. At work we get allotted breaks and mealtimes yet I would have to fight with Daddy to get some time to myself, I felt guilty if I ever tried to back off for just one minute and even once the kids started sleeping I found myself staying up until 2am trying to get things done. Maybe if it was permanent I would have learned how to better divide things, but in any case I think your post is great and it definitely has some good tips. Cheers.

    1. Everyday that struggle is there to find balance. I did get creative at times, but it is true that once I have had that moment away, I am a much better person when I return. I understand the guilt, it was my struggle as well. It took someone who did not know me to tell me how important that “me time” was for everyones sanity :-). Thank you, and Thank you for sharing.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s just so much easier for me to fit in “me” time when I am working for some reason. I just got a bike and I am going to start riding to work (if spring ever comes). Yet if I was off I would probably never ask for time “off” to leave to go for a bike ride (if that makes any sense).

  2. Valerie

    I am learning to play the piano, so when I get to practice in the evening (after dinner), I definitely enjoy the time alone. 🙂

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