Wait, why are you wearing green?

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and everyone around me is celebrating in some way.  We, in this household acknowledge this day, but we don’t really celebrate the holiday.

We will eat corn beef and cabbage tonight for dinner.

We do wear green to school and work.

Oh yeah,  I also made up some fun activities for us to do today. Take a look!

St Patrick's Day craftI take a piece of cardboard (This is the back of a cereal box) some green paint and a paint brush and let the kiddos free paint.  I prefer the free painting to giving them a template to paint within.  After they have painted as much as they like, I cut out the template, tape the template to the back of the board and cut.

painting for St. Patrick's Day Once I have finished cutting out the template, this is the final product.

4 leaf cloverWe take the clover and play a game called “What’s at the end of the rainbow” Now I totally made this game up in the moment.  I used colors that are not in a rainbow, but the kiddos did not judge me.rainbow game

The Rainbow Game is played with felt, foam, paper, whatever you have on hand in different colors placed to resemble a rainbow.  A die (we made our die out of cardboard) and your moving pieces (in this case our clovers).  Roll the die and move the number of places according to the die.

The winner makes it to the pot of gold first.  You can put whatever you want at the end of the game.

rainbow gamerainbow gameI wanted to make sure I read a book with the St. Patrick’s Day theme, but of course I don’t have any of those books, so I did what all great writers, parents, teachers, and caregivers do, I made up a story.  I made popsicle puppets and told a story about a man, a girl, a pot of gold, and a rainbow on a journey to find St. Patrick.  I drew my background and also used the images in my picture as part of the story.  Please don’t judge my drawings, my husband is the true artist in this family.

St. Patrick's Day storyWell, I guess we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in our own made up way.

How are you and your family or students celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?


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