It’s All About the Kids

They Grow Up so fast

They grow up so fast.  Every year I can see my children age just a little bit more.  It will be a while before we are empty nesters, but the thought makes me sad sometimes.

My husband and I never thought we’d have five children, but I can’t tell you just how great it has been watching them all grow and become their own person.  When we had our first child we said Valentines Day would be for our children.  It is true we show love throughout the years, but we always said we didn’t want our children waiting on a Valentine from someone else because they would always receive that attention from us.

Maybe it was because our first child was a girl, and we thought about when she starts dating, the odds of her first boyfriend being clueless about the big deal of Valentines Day.  I just knew that when she woke up in the morning on Valentines Day her first gift would be from her parents.

Throughout the years we have tried to be more creative, but sometimes a simple homemade card and something with hearts all over it would be just enough to make them feel extra special.  When they grow older they start to surprise us with special gifts or gestures of love.  My favorite was when my husband and I came home to a special meal the girls had prepared.  They made menus, prepared a four course meal, dressed like servers, and even prepared a romantic space for us to watch a movie.

The love goes on and on, and I’m happy that they take a moment from the arguments of being siblings to show just how much they care about each other.

This year there is a twist.  Our oldest is away and she will not reap the benefits of waking up with hearts all over her room door, a card placed inside her book bag, and a small gift on her favorite cereal.  We mailed her a care package which we hope will make it in time.  I will post pictures tomorrow of our Valentine Day ritual, because the girls do read this blog from time to time :-).

I hope Valentines day is as special in your house as it is in mine. It’s all about the kids and we love that way.

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