Put on the spot by a six-year old


So I’m sitting at the table with three of my five children doing homework, and trying to keep them focused on their work instead of talking non-stop about the events of the day.  All of a sudden my six-year-old says

“We were playing dodge ball today in the gym and I kicked the ball to my friend Brian.  Brian started screaming and yelled I cracked his penis.”

I looked up slightly not really sure what I heard, and then she goes on to say

“Mom, what’s a penis, and will he need stitches.

I silently giggled to myself, thinking how innocent they are at that age.  I then became startled because how do I answer this question without her asking me twenty follow-up questions.  My teenager then blurts out laughing hysterically and excuses herself from the table. My six-year-old is not understanding the humor in a child being hurt and begins to frown as if disappointed in our behavior.

“Mom, why is it so funny, I think I did something bad.”

I asked her if he had to go to the nurse, she stated no, but that he went on to play as if nothing happened.  I assured her that he would be fine and that there was nothing to worry about.  She looked at me as if I didn’t answer her question and said

“What did I crack?”

Needless to say, she would not let it go until I answered her question.  I explained what it was in the most PG way I could think of, and told her we would discuss this further over the weekend.

OMG! I was not prepared, and I’m always prepared, ok not really.  I just feel six is so young to discuss these things, but maybe it is not if they have questions. I don’t have boys, so this has never come up. I have been searching the internet and calling friends and asking how they would handle this situation.  I don’t want to scare her with a million scientific facts and I don’t want to spark her interest with a lack of information, so what to do.

It’s one of those things you could just ignore, but then your faced with them finding the answers out on their own, and that’s never okay.  I have settled her curiosity for now, but this weekend I will have to explain why we are all different.

Any other parents facing this dilemma?  What did you do? Please share!

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