Valentine Sensory Play

We enjoyed a leisure day of sensory play.  I wanted to change out my 2 year olds sensory bucket so she could play with some different textures and scented objects.

This is our valentine sensory bin for valentine’s day week.

  • pink rose petals
  • red rose petals
  • glitter poster board hearts
  • hard plastic hearts
  • foam conversation hearts
  • scented potpourri
  • decorated sand paper hearts

Valentine Sensory Play

Another fun activity we did was pretending to mail little foam hearts.

I am learning how to sew, so I made these pink and red envelopes out of felt and a mailbox.  I apologize for the dark picture. Inside each envelope is a heart the size of the envelope.  Some of the hearts have little messages on them and some are blank. The hearts are made of different textures sandpaper, foam, faux fur, cardboard, and shiny aluminum foil.

Other ways to have fun with this activity is to add snaps or buttons to the envelopes for fine motor skills.  I wanted to do that, but my sewing skills would not let me venture that far.  My two-year had fun with this activity because she went back to her sensory box and filled the envelopes with some the items that were in her box.  She enjoyed putting the envelopes into the mailbox and opening, closing, and pretending to deliver it to me.

valentine mail play

I hope you enjoyed these sensory activities, just in time for Valentines Day.

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