A Valentine learning game

Valentine Learning game

Can you believe it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day?  Time is waiting for no one.  My little one is going crazy being trapped in the house because of this cold, cold winter.  Anyway I was forced, yes forced to think out of the box and find some new activities for her to try.  We have been working on categorizing shapes, putting them in order from smallest to biggest and I thought of a game we could play.

I had an old tissue box that gave me the idea of having her match the heart shapes (I chose hearts because of the holiday quickly approaching).  Scroll down and take a look.

Valentine Learning Game
These are the materials I used. A tissue box, felt, foam sheets, and scrapbook paper.


Valentine Learning Game
I also used a template of different heart shapes and cut my felt and foam into heart shapes.

I covered my tissue box with the scrapbook paper and adhered my felt hearts onto the box using a tacky glue.  I of course left the top open to store the hearts in and also add to the game play of pulling out hearts not knowing which shape you will pull out.

Valentine Learning Game

I made foam hearts to match the felt hearts and added self adhesive velcro to each of the hearts.  This was a fun way for her to match the hearts and they stay put.  Another way to do this is to make all the hearts out of felt and they should stick without velcro.

Valentine Learning Game


Valentine Learning Game









And that’s it!  She enjoyed playing this game and I have decided to make another one using different shapes. Let me know what you think and share some of the things you are doing to keep your little one busy indoors.  Thanks for stopping by.

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