Art Party Day

I know I know I mentioned this Art Party weeks ago.  Well I have been in vacation mode with the holidays all around me.  But you must give me credit because I have made the effort to get the pictures out before the New Year.

Well here goes.

We had an Art Party a few weeks back.  I saw this idea on Pinterest (Don’t you just love Pinterest?).  Anyway we are an Arts-n-Crafts household so I decided to invite my children’s friends over and have a fun Art Day.  I do apologize for the dark pictures, the lighting in my house is not the greatest and I don’t get much sunlight in the back of the house.

Art Day

Well we started out with setting the table to get everyone in the art mood.

We gave each child canvas sheets, a water painting kit, markers, paint, glitter letters with sticky backs, a small canvas picture to paint, glitter glue (which I suggest not to use) gems, foam winter themed stickers, and popsicle sticks.










art dayWe made some fun construction paper paint globs to decorate the windows and the patio door.










The children really enjoyed the small canvases (Only $1.00 at Walmart)

art day

art day

They started out painting each one of their popsicle sticks for the jewelry box, and decided that was taking to long so they only painted the outside, the top, and the bottom.

The Finish Product

art day

art dayart dayart day

I can’t forget the gingerbread cookies we tried to make.  The kids didn’t like the taste of the ginger cookies so we used sugar cookies. I let them decorate with m&ms chocolate and sprinkles.

art day


One Comment

  1. I love the idea of an art party! I am in love with the popsicle stick art! Those splatters on the window remind me of a book I am talking about today on the blog. It would be the perfect project to accompany that book.

    Haha! Thanks for the ideas.

    I think this is such a great idea for homeschoolers – you know. Whether you belong to a co-op or not, to just get together and do an art activity. Really!

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