10 Ways to Share New Year’s Eve with Family

From the time I went off to college until I had my first child, New Years Eve was always about the parties, the gatherings, and the concerts. As I get older I realize the fun doesn’t have to stop just because you have children. I’ve found ways to bring the party, gatherings, and concerts to my home so that New Years becomes a family event. Here are 10 fun ways to make New Years Eve special in the comfort of your own home.

Every year I give a New Year’s Eve party in my home for my friends and family with children. I love doing this because there are so many invites that we get where children are not invited and I just love the idea of bringing in the New Year with my family (especially my children). 
We ask that everyone who attends dress up. We asked that the parents and their children dress up in attire that they would wear to a New Year’s Eve event. Sometimes we like to put a spin on things and ask that families come dressed in the same colors or as similar as they can get. The pictures we take are unforgettable.


Speaking of pictures we fill a poster with all the pictures we’ve taken from the New Year’s Eve parties before of the families that will be attending. This is always the talk of the night. Looking at yourself and your family from years back really brings tears to some.
We serve all finger foods and ask that everyone bring a dish that reminds them of the present year.  We serve champagne to the adults and fruity fun drinks to the children. We provide party hats, party noise makers and let’s not forget the confetti. 
We ask that each family perform a talent (and you wouldn’t believe the raw talent hiding in some these families) it’s a lot of fun watching everyone perform. At the end of the night we giveaway a $50 gift card to a nice restaurant to the best performance. It is a private vote taken by all whose in attendance.

We have a dance contest for the children. Everyone gets something, but the winners of the contest get $10 gift cards.

We play family games as groups sometimes family against family. Some folks are so competitive but it’s fun. Our secret to this is Goodwill and internet. We go buy games no one has heard of or get game ideas from the internet. Some of the best were name that commercial jingle, charades, Pictionary, Outburst, and the list goes on.

When the children get bored with the adults (which is usually how it goes) we let them watch a movie while the adults mingle and reminisce about the year.

We end our night with having all the children and adults put in a jar one new year’s resolution. We take out the jar from the year before and talk about whether anyone kept to their goals. This becomes emotional every time. 

Finally it’s time for the countdown! We always create some type of prop to use for our countdown. We’ve made a big glittery ball, a miniature size hot air balloon, A child size poster with 10 pieces to put together, and we’ve even use a piñata  The night is memorable and the only problem we have is getting everyone out when it’s all over. 

Share some of New Year’s Eve fun ideas!

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