Joyous or Burdensome

Christmas Holiday

I have always enjoyed holidays, Thanksgiving being my favorite, because it’s all about giving thanks.

Christmas on the other hand has always been challenging for me. I love the idea of giving, but what happens when your giving does not equal the giving of others? What I mean by this is, I love to give personal gifts. Gifts that include pictures, something handmade, or baskets filled with items that remind me of the person I’m giving the gift to. I enjoy putting these gifts together, and really putting time and love into my gifts. What happens when the person you are giving the gift to does not see the love you have put into a gift or the thought behind the gift and thinks you are trying to take the “cheap” way out? I have received looks from people that would burn right through me, which is why I don’t participate in grab bags, secret santa, gift exchanges, or anything that relates to this type of gift giving anymore. Or what about those that feel that the gift you gave them should value how much money they spent on you or your child. That really angers me. Don’t give something expecting something in return, give because you want to or because you can.  

I understand why Christmas brings so much sadness or stress to some households. I tell myself every year I will not go into debt trying to please everyone I know. I will continue to give from the heart and create thoughtful gifts. I will not buy my children everything that is “hot” at the moment.

During my twitter party with the @MamasMashup from @thestylemedic she came up with a great rule for gift giving for your children, the four gift rule.

Something they want, something they need, something they wear, and something to read.

How easy is that. This will be my standard for gift giving for my children.

I give when I can, especially to those who have an influence on my children. Teachers, the crossing guard, the bus driver, and my daughters therapists. It’s always just a little something to say thank you. 

I want to be sensible, because after Christmas the reality of life will still be there, and we must be able to wake up ready and happy with the decisions we have made. I do not get upset anymore over the reaction I receive from some, I gave because I wanted to and I gave from the heart and I can live with that, I’m sorry if you can’t.

Whatever happen to the real meaning of Christmas? 

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