Take a minute to touch the snow.

Snow Day
I don’t know why these photos look dark. It was so bright outside.
Snow Day
I had to beg her to take off her gloves and touch the snow. She also made my day by saying the word snow. If you know my story, then you know why this was exciting to hear.

Yesterday I woke up to the worst feeling in the world, a scratchy sore throat. Someone had woke before me (which rarely happens) and turned the heat up to 80 degrees. If you are like me, my heat never goes pass 72 degrees. When the heat is that high I get physically sick (I don’t know why). Anyway I was in a bad mood. I knew today I would need to set my procrastination aside and start Christmas shopping (I think I am the only woman who hates to shop), but I was feeling awful now. As I was on my way downstairs to complain about the heat I saw out my window, my neighborhood covered in snow. My whole attitude changed. I thought how beautiful and bright my day is looking.

I stepped outside in my pajamas just to breath in the fresh air and I was thankful for the little pleasures in life. I ran back inside and asked my children to join me outside for some morning fresh air. Of course the older ones grumbled, but I can always count on my little ones to join in the fun.

I bundled them all up and we played in the snow for a memorable 15 minutes. I prepared for my day of shopping with the biggest smile on my face. My throat felt better and I stayed positive all day. When I returned home we had time to recreate our morning through a craft. We made snowflakes and a winter scene using foam stickers.

Winter Scene

I don’t know why making snowflakes are so hard. We try every year, and I think we are getting better. I will post better pictures of our snowflake attempts in a later post.

I love days like this.

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