Winter Activities

We have been preparing for winter by reading some fun winter books and doing some winter crafts.  We love watching the snow fall from the sky and filling our yard with beautiful white fluff that we can play in when the weather is not to cold. My toddler was excited by our first snow that I decided to turn our day into a winter craft day.

No more Daniel Tiger for our felt board, now we have a winter wonderland. I used all my scrap felt to create this wonderland that my toddler can rearrange whenever she feels the need.  She enjoyed building the snowman and pretending like the sled was going down the snow mountain.

Felt Board Winter Wonderland

Our next craft was making snowballs using white paint and construction paper.  I found a round foam brush and let her make as many snowballs as the paper could hold. She really liked this activity.

snowball painting

Add some variety to this activity by adding fun winter stickers. When I started this activity I thought I had some stickers from last year, but they were all gone. A great excuse to go shopping at my favorite craft store.

snowball painting

We ended our craft afternoon with holiday magnets that we bought from the dollar store. I wish I had bought more, but she had fun with the few pieces we had.

Books we read to add to our fun were “Snow Friends” by Milo Jones and “The Snow Bear” by Miriam Moss

winter activities

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