10 All time Favorite Family Holiday Movies

Although my family loves to read we also like watching fun family movies that get you in the holiday spirit. We would like to share 10 of our all time favorite family movies to welcome in the holidays.

  1. A Christmas Story – One of the funnies movies I have ever seen. I watch this one even when it’s not Christmas. 
  2. The Polar Express – Loved the animation. And oh joy there is a Polar Express book to enjoy as well.
  3. The Preachers Wife – Whitney Houston sings so beautifully in this heart warming holiday movie. 
  4. A Christmas Carol – Who can forget old Scrooge. I love showing this movie to the little ones to teach them about compassion and what Christmas is all about. There are many versions of this movie, find the one that’s best suited for your family.
  5. A Charlie Brown Christmas – It’s funny to hear my children say “whose Charlie Brown?” I love the Charlie Brown cartoons and this one ranks as one of my favorites.
  6. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – This is another movie I never get tired of seeing every year. So funny!
  7. Last Holiday – A romantic Christmas film, but it continues to fall in the family movie category. We loved Queen Latifah in this upbeat holiday movie.
  8. Jingle All The Way –  We can’t forget the funny holiday movie that makes fun of the craziness that is holiday shopping.
  9. The Grinch – We will watch anything with Jim Carey in it. He’s one of our favorite comedians, and he does not disappoint as the Grinch in this holiday favorite.
  10. A Muppet Christmas Carol – What’s Christmas without the wonderful singing voices of the muppet’s. We love them!

What are some of your all time favorite Holiday movies?


  1. No “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

    1. I know, it continues to be a favorite, but last year they aired it so many times, and let’s just say you can have to much of a good thing 🙂

  2. Great ones! I love the Christmas story. I would watch it when it was on TBS 24 hours. I would literally watch it back to back.

    Those were the gold old days.

    Last HOliday? Was that when Queen thought she was dying – or was that another movie? I love Queen. I think she is a terrific actress, and even though she is plus size, she is beautiful.

    Of course the Christmas Carol. We love Mickey’s Christmas Carol around here.

    Elf is another good one! I love Will Ferrell!

    Charlie brown is a classic!

    Thanks for sharing these and making me think back!

    1. Yes, that is Last Holiday with Queen Latifah, I enjoyed watching her in that role.

      It’s so true about The Christmas Story!

      And, yes, Elf is another funny one, but my kids would not sit through it all.

      Thank you for sharing!

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