I’ve Had it All Wrong


pine cone hunting

The developmental and speech therapist came this week for my two-year old and I’ve made a discovery, I’ve been doing things all wrong.

“They” have always said how important reading, colors, numbers, and shapes are when helping toddlers with their cognitive and language skill development.


After my meeting with the therapist I had been sadly mistaken. The therapist said I need to get back to the basics.

Keywords for today


My child needs more free play not structured play. I mean I’ve always believed that when she is playing alone in the playroom, that that’s free play. When she has played alone for some time I feel guilty. It’s weird, because being a SAHM you or I always feel like I should be doing something with her that will help her become this smart, intelligent, product of society.


“Stop stressing out” the therapist said. Children are amazing beings that learn best through action, life experiences, routines, and most of all through play. Don’t get me wrong now, reading is phenomenal, but the ability to play and problem solve are apparently even more important.

My toddler knew how to put a puzzle together, but she did not have a clue how to giver her baby a bottle. She knew how to point to the facial features the therapist said, but she did not know how to “say” eyes or nose when asked. 

I was sitting there like what a bad mommy I am, I think!

Anyway the results were in and my little angel has a speech delay of 6 months. My heart broke into a million pieces. Instantly I blamed myself, and then the doctor for inducing my labor, and then everyone or thing I could think of, and then I came back to reality and realized that it is something that happens and it is no ones fault. 

I’m happy I know, now I can try new ways to engage my little one and help her with her speech.

A child that can’t express oneself becomes a very cranky child, more often than a child who can.

I’m frustrated, she’s frustrated, everyone’s frustrated makes for not a happy home, but we are working on it. The therapist says to put myself in her shoes, what if I couldn’t say how I felt or tell someone what I wanted. I would be bothered more times than not as well.

This just adds to the 101 reasons why I love my little one.

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