Missing my blog time.

I have started my early childhood training (trying to better myself a little more) and it has kept me away from my one true love, “BLOGGING”. 

Well maybe not my one true love, but you know what I mean. I am missing my children like crazy, and the hardest thing has been putting my two-year old in day care temporarily. It has been a struggle for me, not her. She loves going to school everyday, doing all those wonderful crafts with other children her age. I am a bit jealous and I do feel a bit neglected when I try to come home and have that learning and playing time with her and she is not interested.

Thankfully this is only temporary, and she consoles me with her wet kisses and tight hugs to get me through.

I have also missed out on all the after school chatter my other children tackle me with. I thought it was to much when I had it, and now that I don’t have everyone talking at once to tell me about their day, I miss it. I must keep telling myself it’s only temporary and it will benefit us all in the long run.

Blogging about my day with the kiddies and talking about the new learning tools I discover by surrounding myself with children makes me happy. Not to mention being able to write a tale a time or two also makes me smile. I have also had to postpone my two new books “Middle Child Luck, What Should I Be For Halloween” and “All About Fall” which makes me sad. I have a goal to have those books on iTunes before Halloween. I know, I know I’m asking for a miracle. Miracles do happen.

I have pictures to to upload and activities to share. I have to pace myself and schedule sometime for my love of blogging. I will be popping in on Twitter and Pinterest during these long days of limited blog time. I know, I know poor me. 

Don’t cry for me, I brought this on myself. Ok I’m getting a tad bit dramatic now, but isn’t that what the kids do?

Today is my Mimosa Brunch and I’m so excited. Hanging out with other moms over food and drinks, who could have thought of a better time to relax and hang with the girls.

Be Back Soon.

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