Mom vs Wife

Can you say sensitive topic.

Well I was challenged or should I say interrogated about my decision to put my children before my husband.

I never judge another persons decision to do what is best for their family. My husband and I are a rare find. We have been together since high school and we have had the opportunity to grow together over the years. We have five children and he has known since day one that if we were to ever have children their needs would come before his. Needless to say he respects that and never questions that.

Yes I know that experts have said your spouse should come first because a healthy relationship equals a happy household, but in my family dynamic a happy mother equals a happy household.

The way I see it my husband is an adult who has control over his emotions and desires. If he needs something or craves attention he knows how to either solve it for himself, wait until the children are occupied or asleep, or plan a nice weekend getaway for him and I (ha ha), but seriously children need to know that they matter. Now when they get older and have families of their own, things change. Until then I will continue to stand behind my decision to put my children first, before my husband, before my career, before my parents, before my friends, and more times than I care to admit before myself.

I have avoided putting scenarios in this small post because I know that every mother has a way of balancing their household and I would not want anyone to feel as though I am attacking how their family works. My past has shaped me and this is how I feel. My children need me for just a short while and then they go off and make lives of their own.

Do what is best for your family, but don’t judge me for doing what is best for mine.

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