Tested by a Two Year Old

This has been a crazy morning. My two year old has a new found sense of independence and has decided today of all days to exert that independence.

My two year has a delay with speech and so I have been trying different methods to help with communicating, one of those activities is picking out her clothes in the morning. We talk about the clothes in her drawer and eventually she grabs something she likes and I am able to make sure that it’s appropriate for the weather.

Today there is thundering and lightening and it’s a bit cool, and she picks out a summer sleeves dress that I had forgot to put away with the summer clothes. I tried to persuade her to grab something more appropriate, but that just made her angrier. Because of her inability to communicate she gets very frustrated with trying to defend herself, so I gave in and figured she can wear a jacket over the dress.

I am rushing now, because the school car line is extremely long on rainy days which causes us to leave earlier than usual. My two that I drop off in the morning are ready to go. I try to put the jacket on my two year old and she starts to have a tantrum. She is adamant about not covering up her dress.

I grabbed the car keys and and wrote a mental note to myself that she has won this battle.

Once outside she starts crying because she’s getting wet, but I can’t control the weather and I couldn’t find the umbrella. Ugh! Once back home I pat myself on the back for getting the other two to school on time and for not getting worked up about my two year old and her demands.

I start to make breakfast and another tantrum erupts. Now I’m confused. She takes those little hands and pushes me from the back to the pantry. She points up to the graham crackers and starts to cry. I grab the crackers and ask her to use her words (fighting over what she eats, is a battle I’ve lost numerous times). She starts to cry and try to grab the box from my hands. I give in.

Not only did she eat graham crackers for breakfast in her summer dress, but I had to bring the crackers to her in her favorite chair.

Needless to say, I lost the battle this morning.


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