Leaf Collage

Today on our morning walk I noticed our tree (the one we showed in an earlier post) had lost a majority of its leaves. My toddler had been showing lots of interest in the leaves on the ground so we decided to pick some for a morning activity.

In case you forgot what our tree looked like last week, below is a before and after photo.

Changing Leaves
The tree leaves are starting to change color.
Changing Leaves
Our tree has lost it’s leaves.

So I let my toddler pick out some leaves of her liking and we took them home. I let her choose some scrapbook paper to give our project a different look and we proceeded.

Leaf Collage



The leaves we collected.





Leaf Collage










The Scrapbook paper and the leaves separated from the stems.






Leaf Collage







My Toddler making sure to put lots and lots of glue on the scrapbook paper so our leaves will stick.





Leaf Collage





Making sure to press each leaf down onto the paper.







Leaf Collage







The final project. Our leaf collage.


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