Writing Center at home or classroom

Writing Center

This year I wanted to introduce a few new centers into our preschool class.

The writing center is one of our new centers.

We have limited space so I had the idea to create a small writing center by using items that encourage writing.

We made a mailbox out of small boxes and construction paper.  To make sure the preschoolers utilized this center daily, we added pick up times for mail, which motivates them to send letters or cards to other classmates before the end of the school day. Every morning the mail is distributed.
We also added three types of paper. Handwriting paper, drawing paper, and paper that you use to create list.
The red container keeps all the different color pens, pencils, and markers.
We added envelopes and greeting cards for preschoolers to use to brighten someones day.
The poster changes bi weekly and we use posters that help with spelling and phonetics.
I also like to add the letters and word wall words for the week to the center and encourage students to use those letters and words in their mail.

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