White Board Books

Blank White Books

If you like myself are a teacher, parent, or caregiver and you fell in love with those blank white board books and bought them on instinct because you thought “what a fabulous idea”, but they have been sitting around for months because you just don’t know what to do with them, then this post is for you.

I came up with four great ideas for these fabulous books.
I created a busy book for toddlers using poker chips and lacing blocks
I traced the chips and the blocks and shaded the color of the block and chips so that the toddler could match. This kept my toddler busy for a good forty minutes, and in mommy time that’s a life time. Each page is filled with different combinations.
My second idea was a texture book
My toddler and preschool students loved this idea. I gathered some materials from my scrap box like suede, lace, foil, sand paper, tissue paper, and felt and taped each piece to a page of the book. The little ones enjoyed touching and discussing what the different fabrics felt like.
My third idea was a picture book 
The picture book was a collection of all the objects that my toddler interacts with daily. This is a way for me to help my toddler with her language skills. I took pictures of things like her shoes, her sippy cup, milk, her doll, her book, her plate, her spoon, and her fork.
My fourth idea was a family photo book
I also made a photo book for my class
This book just highlighted some of the different things I’ve had the pleasure of catching her in the act. Some of the photos taken were of her face, which allows us to talk about the parts of her face like her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. Other photos were pictures of her playing at the water table, a picture of her celebrating her birthday, a picture of her playing dress up, and many other memorable pictures. My daughter loves looking at the pictures and trying to tell me what she sees.
With my class I have my preschoolers bring in pictures from home of them doing something fun like carving a pumpkin, gardening, decorating a tree, or enjoying a family centered activity. The students love it and I continue to make these books for our classroom library.

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